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Family Counseling:Building mutual love, trust and respect that will last

The model many couples have for building a family is based on family, society or peer examples; which many times is not the emotionally or spiritually healthiest choice. It is easy to follow the crowd by paying attention to the surface desires instead of building the family structure on a solid foundation of faith.

The values of the family are determined by the married couple, so it is vital that proper priorities are agreed upon. Because one can only teach what is known, it is imperative to reach out for help and learn skills that can bring unity to your family.

Through my Christian counseling, I share steps on working through individual barriers to love and vulnerability to make the marriage stronger, which in turn makes the family united.

No matter where you are in family from pregnancy to transitioning from parent/child to parent/adult relationships, my counseling sessions based are on biblical principles which will help you achieve the goals and dreams you desire for harmony and unity.

The most precious relationships we have are within family and it is the nurturance of those connections which give each family member a healthy life foundation emotionally and spiritually.

Family Counseling Sessions Include:

  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Defining individual and family priorities
  • Setting positive relationship role model for children
  • Transitioning parent/child relationship in adulthood
  • Modeling faith for children

  • If you are like many of my clients, you appreciate the value of personalized coaching. Sessions are generally conducted in person or by video chat in one hour sessions. Together, we can create a proactive plan to reach the life, family and relationship goals you have in your heart.

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