Long Distance Love Fighting

The right person will treat you with the love, honor and respect you deserve. If you are in a relationship where this is not the case and do not experience a consistency in that connection, it is not God’s best for you.

Shelby Asks Nancy:

“I met this guy through internet, and agreed to have a long distance relationship. Nothing goes right though and sometimes he is good to me; sometimes he is not. He says he wants to be with me and he only wants me, but we keep fighting around little and stupid stuff. He keeps coming back and apologizing and I keep taking him back. What should I do?

Nancy’s Advice:

Online dating is a wonderful tool to meet new people, but as you have experienced, it can lead to difficulty. Long distance relationships are not the ideal and many do not work out, simply because you do not spend enough (and in some cases, not any) time together. Most of communication is nonverbal, and to have a phone, email, texting relationship only leads to misunderstandings.

It is easy to say anything you want through text or email, but you will never know the true character of that person if you do not spend any time together. I encourage you to break off this relationship for this reason as well as for the unstable way he treats you. Please remember that the way you are treated in love will only rise to the level you expect to be treated.

About Nancy Pina

Nancy Pina is a relationship expert, author and coach with a passion to show how every individual can achieve relationship success. Her message of emotional healing based on Christian values has blessed countless individuals. Nancy has been featured in numerous national magazines including: Runner’s World, Esquire, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Essence. She is a frequent guest on television and radio shows and has appeared on The Today Show, Fox News and Daystar Houston.
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