Attracted To Co-Worker

Workplace romances are very risky, even under the best circumstances. If the relationship does not work out, one person more than likely will lose their job. You can meet eligible people outside your work environment.

Lakeisha writes:

Dear Nancy,
I started a new job and while in training, I noticed this guy starring at me. I paid it no attention at the time. About two days later while waiting for training to begin, he walks by me and winked at me. Ever since then, he’s everywhere I go at work. Sometimes he speaks, other times he doesn’t. He looks nervous. I’m very attracted to him and he’s constantly on my mind. It’s been four months since we’ve met and I’m trying to make him comfortable around me. Why do you think he hasn’t approached me?

Nancy’s Advice:

I strongly encourage you to reconsider dating in the workplace. Many times these relationships do not work out and that can bring up a number of issues that would not be positive for your career. I advise that you stay focused on work while at work and look for love outside the office. You may find him attractive because he is unattainable and because he has not chased after you. The wise move would be to stop thinking so much about him and get out and do more activities with friends as a distraction. You do not want to make a decision that you will regret later.

If you have a relationship question, please contact me and I will answer in an upcoming blog.

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