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Advice Testimonials

Thank you for your very warm, kind, insightful response; your words have truly blessed me. I found them to be both life affirming and liberating and I am honored that you will keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I believe strongly in the power of pray. I will also keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to bless so many people in helping them to work through their personal issues concerning relationships and concerning their ability to learn how to rely on their intuition when it comes to having faith and trusting in God. – Roxanne

Firstly I would love to say that you are God sent. I have more confidence in all my relationships now; at work ,home, friends and people that I have just met. I have learned to put all my trust in God knowing that He goes before me. – Nondyebo D.

Thanks Nancy for your advice and I appreciate your words of wisdom.  You certainly made some valid points and I am grateful that you validated my concerns.  I was not certain if I was overreacting or what. – Monica N.

I’ve written to you before and your advice has really helped me. I want to thank you for all of the enlightenment that you give to others.  May God always bless you. Nganesh N.

I really enjoy your advice….it has impacted my life and is truly a blessing. So many times, God has used you at just the right time in confirming some things in my own heart. – Lisa S.

What a wonderful, enriching, enlightening, inspirational message you sent to me…… Great you are…..thank you and may you be blessed always. – Mel B.

Thank you so much Nancy.  Your advice was really beautiful and it made my day and year! – Teresa W.

Thanks a lot Nancy. I am grateful for your time and effort in helping me solve my problem. I wish you all the best in life and relationships. – Sakshi K.

Thank you so much for your advice and this really puts things into perspective for me and brings me so much understanding, peace, and mostly hope for my future. I am forever grateful to you! – Kim V.

Thanks for your advice.  This is so true.  I just broke up with someone and everything you described is true.  I feel so blessed because I know God is going to give me the desires of my heart and this information is definitely something I needed to have in the meantime. – Karman K.

I would like to thank you again for your valuable guidance in dealing with my past. I always knew I needed to deal with it at some point, but didn’t know how and was too afraid. This experience has truly opened me up. My soul and heart can breath again. Thank you! – Letica M.

Thank you once again for those “pearls of wisdom”.  Sometimes common sense gets buried beneath the layers of pain that we build up over time.  May God continue his blessing and guidance in your life.  - Will C.

I can’t tell you how much I need someone to talk about this … someone other than my friends who have their own issues going on. – Marilyn O.

It feels good to know that I am not struggling with this battle on my own.  I have had only two major relationships in my life and both of them were unfulfilling and unsatisfying.  As a result of my failed relationships, I punished myself spiritually and destroyed myself esteem. This past relationship really devastated me and I really needed help with overcoming my hurts in order for God to make away for my new relationship. – Les E.

Nancy you rock! Your gifts of advice and insight have really helped me to look within… recognize and follow the Spirits gentle wisdom… including I want to thank you for the times you have personally answered my e-mail communications. I have found greater peace, understanding and integration as a single person which I believe is the foundation and starting point anyway… I know I want a healthy love relationship and I feel much more aware of what that looks like… and also feeling the contentment of being in this moment and okay as a single man… It has been about 18 months since my last relationship ended and I can really see and experience the healing, progress and sight that I have. You are a blessing to the body of Christ… thanks for your faithfulness in pursuing what God has put inside you… Grace and peace, Mike G.

Articles and Exercises Testimonials

I am always grateful to you for the wonderful exercises. I still need a lot of motivation on conquering fear. Thanks a lot may the good Lord bless you. – Osman O.

Thanks for your article, Nancy. The timing is uncanny.  Today I decided to go get some help with the issues I have carried since childhood – things I could not look at before because I couldn’t admit that I wasn’t okay.  I felt bad about my character defects and hid them. I didn’t want others to see them and think less of me.  It is these issues that direct my choices and some of them have not been great.  But, I am human and here to learn. I look forward to a better life – a happier life – with my children and the gorgeous man I choose to share my heart and soul with.  I really think there are some Angels watching out for me. – Nannette A.

Book Testimonials

Thank you very much for the book inscription!  I have read your note and I know God will bring someone into my life, when the timing is right, I have no doubt about it.  Thank you for doing such a marvelous job directing people the right way on their relationship paths and being the support system that they need.  May God bless you abundantly! – Monika I.

I purchased and read your books, “Goodbye, Mr. Wrong” and “The Right Relationship Can Happen.” Both awesome reading and full of insight.  I also enjoy the advice you’ve offered to me for every day situations in my relationships. – Mary J.

I have read all of your books and really have been set free from the past history of picking the wrong person for me.  I had even come to realize after trying to salvage a broken marriage that it was just not of God. After laying everything to rest, I was totally blessed by God with a man I met the day after Thanksgiving. Rick is a spirit filled Christian that does truly love the Lord. We have been dating now for three months and we get along GREAT. We are so compatible and we never have had a reason for a disagreement. I am not under the impression that this may not happen in the future, it’s just we are able to talk things out. – Linda B.

Teaching Testimonials

I wanted to once again thank you for all of the information you have given me, and for your heart to help. I truly believe that God wanted to me to attend this teaching, even if it was the last class. All I can say is that, I have been praying for some sort of breakthrough and Nancy, this the breakthrough I’ve been waiting. Not only in terms of a relationship, this information has helped me see what needs to be done in order to move on to the next level. The teaching you have shared are the tools I need in order to be resorted as a whole again. Interesting enough, I thought I was healed and thought I was over all of the painful events that took place during my childhood. I never thought to correlate the past with the present, I always thought that by forgetting my past I would be alright. Anyhow, I truly believe in this process, and again thank you and Lord for it. The class is a revelation course for me. – Loretta P.

I just wanted to thank you for teaching this class.  As singles, it’s easy to feel unaddressed.  We want to do things in a way to honor God but for many of us we have no clue as to how to go about it.  The word is awesome and is very helpful but it is great to have a series dedicated to dating where it is so interactive and we can get our questions answered.  We actually convoyed to the class this week,bringing every single woman we could think of from work.  This class is bringing Life in more ways than you know.  Thank You!!! – Schande J.

It was a pleasure meeting  and talking you and thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. I really appreciate it. I’m so interested in getting the answers on how to stop the negative patterns. I’m so emotionally and physically stressed, tired and drained. I want to get better so bad but I need to know how and quickly. – Stephanie J.

Your input has helped in so many areas of my life.  I have felt gratitude and blessings for the things I embrace already.  I have become aware of ways I need to be more observant of raising a good son for his future relationships.  Most importantly, I have been able to open my eyes to the words and thoughts I have that are counter-productive to a happy fulfilled future.  All of these things are working in me through God’s help to allow me to grow into a more spiritual being.  I have been able to picture my perfect match and describe his characteristics and how he makes me feel on a regular basis to define my future husband and draw him to me. – Kelly C.

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom about relationships and helping singles get prepared and ready for the relationships God has for us. – Brandi W.

I just broke up with my boyfriend after almost two years of up and downs always thinking he was the one.  My major concern is to learn how to break that pattern that makes me choose men who do not appreciate me. If we have more people like you who take an interest in teaching others how to better themselves and break chains and patterns and unleash powerful, strong and victorious women, we would have less people getting divorce and more happy families. – Kenya T.

Personal Evaluation Testimonials

Thanks for the results from the personal evaluation. The explanations you’ve provided are indeed true and I had identified them as being problems areas for me. I am working through understanding and definitely overcoming these challenges that are a result of many years of trials and personal obstacles. With Jesus as my compass, I expect deliverance and healing in the area of developing healthy and lifelong relationships. – Pam L.

You’re right, Nancy – I keep bringing in people that trigger pain thinking this was some strange way of resolving it.  I didn’t understand.  Thank you for clarifying things with the personal evaluation and for your suggestions.  I’ll give it a go! – Samantha H.

Thank you very much for your evaluation. I really appreciate it and I have taken note to all that you have said and a lot makes sense to me. My task now is just to try and move away from this unhealthy relationship. It’s not going to be easy but I have to do this for myself. – Sasha T.

Thanks again for the results of my evaluation and I’m encouraged in the way you bring out your points. I’ll continue seeking the face of God and asking for guidance. God bless you abundantly! – Mwesi M.

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