Relationship Coaching

Congratulations on your decision to start this journey to the ultimate goal of attracting the right relationship. It is my passion to help as many people as possible achieve relationship success … so a warm welcome from me to you as you start my step-by-step process to experiencing true and lasting love. I have a two primary methods available for our sessions together and invite you to also read the powerful testimonials throughout the site.
The first step is to Contact me using the form below for coaching session availability so we can set up a time to discuss your relationship goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Relationship Coaching Sparks Change

Nancy is an experienced relationship coach who has spent over 25 years of working with individuals to reach their relationship goals. She will help you get past the barriers to love that keep you stuck in the same pattern and attract similar people. Through her coaching, you will learn how to empower yourself with valuable knowledge, based on Christian principles, which can be practically applied to your life and lead to the right relationship. Nancy will give you the direction, guidance and step-by-step instruction that will take you away from your established norm to a new place of emotional and spiritual wholeness and healing. She will be with you every step of the way, encouraging you to reach higher and achieve the relationship dreams in your heart.

    • How Coaching Works

Coaching is a confidential relationship that encourages you to change the direction you have tried to this point and move past your comfort zone. You may have several issues you would like to have help with in your past relationships or you may have only one. The key is to bring to light anything that is blocking the love you seek and working through those challenges. As your coach, Nancy is always your biggest supporter and will show you in a clear, step-by-step approach how you can achieve the relationship goals you desire.

    • Getting Started

Complete the Contact Form and let Nancy know you are interested in coaching. You then will receive an Inquiry Form and a Release Form. The Inquiry Form will give you opportunity to briefly offer Nancy background information and to give her an idea of what you would like to cover in your coaching. The Release Form will explain what coaching is and how it differs from therapy. Once you have returned these, you will be given an appointment time that is convenient with your schedule.

Coaching will be done by phone or in Nancy’s office. The choice is yours!

    • What Does a Coaching Session Cost?

For a limited time, my coaching services run $120.00 USD for a one hour session with brief, as-needed e-mails in between sessions.

    • How Do I Pay?

You can pay through PayPal by clicking on the Coaching Payment button below.



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